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Our Promise

Ames Pet Resort Freely Acknowledges and willingly accepts the serious responsibility involved in the care of your beloved pets.

Our Pledge to Your Pet:

  • We will care for all pets with kindness and will place their welfare above all other business considerations.
  • We will maintain a sanitary environment for all pets in our care.
  • We will provide safety and security for all pets in our care by means of proper screening and handling procedures, maintaining care records, and by keeping all pet areas free of potential hazzards.
  • We will provide vigilant supervision of all pets by caring and competent personnel.
  • We will provide clean water and ensure a proper diet is provided to each pet in our facility.
  • We will administer owner-provided or veterinary-prescribed medication in accordance with instructions.
  • We will require proper immunizations for all pets.
  • We will provide comfortable levels of light, maintain facility temperatures within healthful limits, and provide adequate ventilation.
  • We will seek veterinary assistance whenever appropriate.

Our Pledge to You:

  • We will deal honestly, fairly, and respectfully with the public, and will put the welfare of pets in our care and service to our clients above personal gain.
  • We will honor our commitments to our clients, whether they are made in our advertising, on our website, through social media, or in person.
  • We will strive to maintain and advance the professional competence of our staff through proper training and by taking advantage of educational opportunities available to us.